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Trip Kendall Digital Freelance

Digital Development, Consulting, and Support.

Hey Now, I have over twenty years of professional digital development experience. These days I focus on Python, information security, encryption, and deep learning. I still launch a website from time to time.  Feel free to get in touch with me if you have an interesting app, website, or project idea over here.

Some of the stuff I did Previously:

  • Created the campaign site for a U.S. Governor.
  • Consulted for Yahoo
  • Co-founded a web/dev company that became biggest in the state.
  • Created and sold an internet advertising platform .

My New Python Editor Choice

I've used everything from Nano to Visual Studio to everything in between to edit code over the past 20 years.   As I have gotten more serious about coding Python, I realized that I needed a new approach to a development environment.  I write this post from a Laptop...

The YouTube Zietgiest

The other day I was watching random YouTube videos while riding the elliptical machine.  It's what I do... I started wondering what the hottest videos on YouTube were - right now.  At one point, in life, I would have searched google, read some articles, and never have...

Holistic Digital Security Audit

Do you need a digital security audit? That depends; do you have a cell phone and a tablet? Do you shop online, have a website, a smart TV? Have Bluetooth in your car, a kindle fire stick or a “digital assistant”?  Has your Amazon password been pwned?  Is your info on...

Cryptography Class – Crypto Certification

Over this past week I had the opportunity to put my head down and invest some time in my continuing education. I decided that taking a crypto class would be a no brainer. A cryptography certification would dovetail nicely with my Information Security certificate and...

The Baller Index

One day, in the midst of writing my football prognostication program, I had a thought.  I wondered who the most influential (American) football players was.  I didn't mean the best, or the highest paid, but all that. Plus most famous, richest, - the most overall...