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An App to Pick NFL Games Against the Spread

When the NFL season started I created this PHP/MySQL based system to pick NFL games against the spread. At first it was less than successful, but as it continues to accumulate data it continues to improve. Last week it broke even and this week – it is 8-5-2 against the spread; winning big.

Welcome to week 4 in professional American Football 2017 edition as brought to you by Trip Kendall’s PigSkin Prognosticator – MONDAY MORNING REALITY CHECK.

This Monday is the easiest reality check so far as The PP came out winning against the spread. How big a win is TBD pending the game between the two native american themed franchises on the MNF tonight…

But after starting the season below the Mendoza line, and finally getting even last week the PP is 8-5-2 against the spread so far…

I will continue to resist the urge to call it AI lol, and will continue to report on it’s development as the season wears on. As of now the plan is to release it online at week 8 so that it has half a season of data to learn from before trolls, Luddites, and Cowboy fans try and tear it to pieces… If you are interested in business opportunities with this ( still nascent ) tech, you can contact me here.