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Its Trip!Who’s Behind TripKendall.com

I am an independent digital developer and have been for most of my life.  I have formed or co-founded multiple internet related business that generated profits and were eventually sold.

I’ve created and launched well over a hundred websites since the mid nineties.  I still launch an occasional site these days.  If you have an interesting idea I’m happy to discuss it with you:  initially gratis – confidentially and securely.

While Photoshop is still my favorite video game, these days more often than not, I am writing Python.  I am very interested in solving problems, as well as finding interesting data, with Python.  Right now I am writing machine learning code, which is very exciting indeed.

If you have an idea for a computer program, service, or app and want to discuss it with someone that understands the tech side, get in touch.  I’m happy to sign reasonable NDA’s, initial consultations are always free, and I’ll give your idea the attention is deserves.

Same goes if you have data that you need analyzed, cleaned up, made sense of, etc.  I am skilled with Python’s Pandas and Numpy and can help you see your data in new ways.

I also help companies and individuals with technological problems.  From writing queries for MySQL databases to cleaning up after viruses.  I am mostly interested in security but am happy to help in whatever tech support capacity I am needed.

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What Clients Say:

“I’ve worked with Trip Kendall on more projects than I care to count over the past almost 15 years. On point, on schedule, on budget, every time. He has a keen eye for design, his brain is like a never ending 24/7 whiteboard of how to do things better for his clients. I can’t recommend Trip more.”

Christopher Conlan –
Habooble Communications