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For Hire

I charge $22/hr for professional digital development.

I work on one project at a time and give each project and client the attention they deserve.  I work at each project until there is nothing left I can do to improve it. I have over 20 years of  professional independent digital development experience.  I have created websites for a governor of the united states, worked with national foundations, produced music for numerous documentaries, and coded services that have sold for thousands of dollars.

txt:  850.270.3180

Litecoin: LfLH4f7toVPnGbD9JVNMNQ36nmWSEzGKpv

bitcoin: 1FzsY4wFiJ9hdiPARkooUYRUcaSnTyfJBU
Bitcoin: 1FzsY4wFiJ9hdiPARkooUYRUcaSnTyfJBU