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Trip Kendall Digital Freelance

Digital Development, Consulting, and Support.

Hey Now, I have over twenty years of professional digital development experience. These days I do Python, security, and consulting.  I still launch a website from time to time and do motion graphic design in my free time…  Feel free to get in touch with me if you have an interesting app, website, or project idea over here. If my website stats have any semblance to reality you are most likely here to read the blog which you can do here.

Some of the stuff I did Previously:

  • Created the campaign site for a U.S. Governor.
  • Consulted for Yahoo
  • Co-founded a web/dev company that became biggest in the state.
  • Created and sold an internet advertising platform .

2020 Presidential Odds

With all of the news that has begun to saturate old and new media regarding the upcoming mid-term elections - I started thinking about the real political prize, the 2020 presidential race. I was wondering who had the best odds of becoming the next president of the...

What I’m Watching on YouTube

I love Netflix.  I am sure that there are people close to me that got very tired of my Netflix obsession.  A few months ago Netflix's original shows, business model, debt, etc. were a dominant theme in my conversations.    I think that Netflix knocking off long time...

2018 Brand Heat Check

Once I learned Python and Pandas I tried to come up with unique and creative ways to use them.  The Baller Index is a good example of what I am talking about.  Throwing new tools in the mix opened up more possibilities, and one of the best things about Python is that...

The Future of Social Media is on the Blockchain – Part One

I've seen the future of social media and it's open source and distributed. If you're the product, shouldn't you get paid? I've written about Steemit previously, but there are allot of interesting developments in the modern social media and blockchain space beyond...

Where My Bitcoin At? For the Crypto-Currency Newbie.

In the first post of this series I outlined the problem of all the competing crypto-currencies and the confusion that can cause in newbies. Another barrier to entry is understanding where your crypto-currency is. I'm going to try and clear that up in this post. This...