For years, every time some one asked me what my favorite video game was I would say Photoshop. While I guess that is somewhat disingenuous since it is not technically a game it is my favorite digital activity. If I had to pick a game I would say 2k, but I digress….

One of my favorite thing about Photoshop is that pictures don’t just have to be photos anymore… These are some examples of how I like to take photos and make them into something entirely new.

photo retouch

Photo re-touch

meme from post

Mak’n meme’ from social media posts

colorize photos

Add Color to old photos

client submitted colorozed photo

Photo I colorized for a client

blue girl photo style

Some photos tell me how they want to look…

my first photo manipulation

My first photoshop photo hack

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Clarissa · February 24, 2018 at 11:14 pm

These are great! I like photoshop to but I am not as skilled as you are.

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