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I'm Trip Kendall a front end dev a freelancer a whitehat hacker

I'm a Freelance UI/UX Designer and Developer based in Florida. I build super fast, serverless, mobile first, offline first, progressive web apps based on a user-centric design.

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Seemingly Simple, Fast AF, Progressive Web Apps
Trip Kendall

I'm a Freelance UI/UX Designer and Developer located in Florida. I build super fast serverless progressive web applications based on a user-centric design.

  • Name:Trip Kendall
  • Rate:$35/hr USD
  • Experience:20+ years
  • Location:Florida USA


Independent Dev Various Locations

Created quite literally hundreds of websites for clients as varied as a the Governor of South Carolina to obscure start ups.

Lead Developer Habooble

Imagineered, developed, deployed, and managed custom PHP / MySQL based websites based on a LAMP stack.

COO D2 Ventures

Provided project leadership managing development team including budget control, production timetables, client/project team coordination, and quality assurance.


Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform Course

Google Cloud Platform

I took a Coursera course on the Google Cloud Platform. I give this class a solid B and would recommend it to other looking to get a better understanding of how to work with the Google Cloud Platform.


Motion Graphics Designer

Original music and motion graphics design.
If I have a video to create I am obsessive. I won't sleep, I won't eat. Well, okay, maybe I'll eat a little....

Web Dev Cert

Web Dev Certified

As a part of my continuing education I decided to go ahead and take the web development class.  I did so because I wanted to not only get certified; but also to make sure I was up to date with the latest web development techniques and standards. 


Video Format

This is that video then

Horizontal Gallery

Image Callery

This is a Horizontal image gallery I made

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Web App Security

Web App Security

This is one of the most difficult as well as interesting classes that I have taken. Invaluable.

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AI Machine Learning Natural Language processing

Kwerkie - AI Content

Kwerkie.site is a project that I developed and deployed that generates AI / NLP content. This is the first site I published serverlessly on Firebase.

Project Image

Machine Learning Cert

After completing this course I am most interested in a very new technology – Generative Adversarial Networks. In fact one could say that I am slightly obsessed with GAN’s

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Perfect Google Score

My latest project is very interesting and something completely different. One thing that stays the same - like all my sites it is FAST. In fact Google says it's perfect.


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Always Happy to discuss projects and partnerships gratis

If we have not previous had a discussion then this short form is the method you want to use to contact me. Otherwise you risk possibly being conflated with the potential spammers, scammers, and trolls that get secondary screening...


Not a blog

projects in flagrante delicto
New Web Dev Project

New Web Dev Data Collection Project

Collecting, sorting, spidering, managing, and importing data from at least a dozen sources for EllieAsksWhy. When this site is completed it may contain more smart prose than any other website I have made in the last 20 years.

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2020 News

News Sites are so Boring, no.

One of my old sites posts the most trendiest topics from the news but I grew dissatisfied with the results. I decided what was needed first was a new news interface. This is what I am working on towards that end.

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