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New Design for CSS Grid WordPress Theme

October 1, 2019 CSS Grid, WordPress Theme
New Design for CSS Grid WordPress Theme

As soon as I learned about CSS Grid you know that I thought – I should make a CSS Grid WordPress Theme. Since this will be the first WordPress theme I make for open distribution since my return to web-dev I wanted to do it right.

In my word that means creating a mockup in Photoshop. This is the design I came up with for my new CSS Grid WordPress Theme. While it is CSS Grid based breakpoints are still useful imho.

CSS Grid WordPress Theme Breakpoints

I wanted my design to explicitly outline the breakpoints I will include in the stylesheet.

I’ll allow users to set custom colors, headers, typography, etc. but I will include this pastel red, white, and blue scheme as the default.

I am scheduled to start development on this new CSS Grid WordPress Theme on October 22nd. I am actively looking for partners and or sponsors for this theme.

If you would like to contribute to the creation of this wordpress theme and are a JavaScript ninja I could definitely use your help.

Likewise if you are a business or an organization that is looking for a unique marketing opportunity, get in touch and lets discuss how this CSS Grid WordPress theme could benefit you.

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