Frequently Asked Questions about what I do, who I am, what I like, and possibly what I can do for you.

I do create websites, but I also create web applications, mobile applications, and desktop applications. I also do graphic design, video editing, and audio editing. I can help with a wide variety of tasks.

If I have my choice I'll use VueJs. Of course I can do straight HTML + CSS to make static sites, I code in JavaScript, Python, and Go. I can use a variety of frameworks and libraries.

In the course of being a developer for decades I have had to learn a lot of different skills. I started learning video to capture pixels I moved with code. It turned out that I enjoyed it and wasn't half bad at it. Combined that with making music all my life one way or another and it was a natural fit.

While it has always been more of a hobby than a profession, I have been making music since I was a kid. Be it in a broken down barn with the band, on a porch with acoustic guitars, in a little studio in south Georgia, or with a Pentium 60 - I've always made music. Here is a collection of some of my favorite music, feel free to use them as you see fit.

Vue.js is simple to get started with. It has a small learning curve and is easier to pick up for newcomers to front-end development. That said, it is also powerful enough to be used for large-scale front-end's while remaining performant.

  • It is lightweight and easy to learn
  • You can use it for both small and large projects.
  • The performance is good to great.
  • It has a helpful community behind it.
  • Easy to integrate, can even use it from a CDN.
  • Effective state management with Pinia

ah yes, I have been working with backend development for a long time. While the majority of my work is front-end I have worked with a variety of backend technologies. I have worked with PHP, Python, Go, and NodeJs. Headlin3s used a NodeJs and my current project use Go.

If your website takes too long to load and has sluggish performance most people won't stick around to see your content.

Even in the age of super fast broadband and 5G, loading a very heavy site on a mobile device can be excruciating. I have worked with agencies that create beautiful WordPress websites that take 30 seconds to load. That might not sound like a long time but slowly count to 30.

Imagine staring at your phone looking at a spinner…