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I have tried diligently to pare down my social media footprint over the past couple of years.  I deleted my old Twitter (too many notes!) but you can find my new, Python related, Twitter profile here


Python for Computer Vision

Information Security Certification

Python Certification

Machine Learning

Cryptography Certification

Web Development Cert

Web App Security

Database Certification

Python for Security Professionals



Created campaign site for a U.S. Governor.

Consulted for Yahoo

Co-founded web/dev company that became biggest in the state.

Created and sold an Internet advertising platform



D2 Interactive, Oxford MS — COO
Provided project leadership managing development team including budget control, production timetables, client/project team co-ordination, work flow, and quality assurance.

Habooble, Telecommunte — Lead developer
Contract work leading to full time employment. Imagineered, developed, and deployed innovative WordPress based websites using custom PHP / MySQL.

e-WebCorp, Tifton, Ga. — Principal / Founder
Computer networking, web development, Perl programming, server administration. RedHat certified.

I was reading this Reddit post about Generative Adversarial Networks for Text where none other than the inventor of GANs, Ian Goodfellow, discusses why they are not appropriate for / have not been applied to NLP.

I was like Challenge Accepted!

Now I am not egotistical enough to think that I know more than Mr. ( Dr.?) Goodfellow; but I do think that maybe I look at things differently than other people 🙂  Stay tuned.

Yes, from time to time I will still design, create, and launch a website.  I  just don’t do so with the same frequency as I did between 1994-2014 🙂

That being said if you have an interesting or high profile  website that you need some assistance with get in touch with me. If nothing else I will be happy to discuss it with you.

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