Where they news is taking place in May 2019

Where Its At May 1st 2019

If it’s May, then it’s time for a new version of my on-going series where I track what places are being mentioned the most in the news and on social media.

The criteria for being a place in this context is that I can generate longitude and latitude for it. Even if those co-ordinates don’t always make total sense.

For example Google thinks that the EU is in Austria and while it makes more sense for it to be placed Brussels, it’s not 100% wrong.


May Democratic Party 2020 Nominee Rankings

May Democratic Party 2020 Nominee Ratings

If it’s a new month, it’s time for another edition of my Democratic Party 2020 nomination predictions/ratings/rankings.

This month the biggest shoe to drop was the Joe Biden announcement.  While he was widely expected to jump into the race his official announcement,  and the boost that he received from it, dominates this months ratings.