what the price of eth should be

What The Price of ETH Should Be

When I first starting thinking about what type of python based cryptocurrency project I wanted to work on I tried a few simple ideas and quickly became dissatisfied.  My early failures and misfires proved to be invaluable however as it led me to what I considered to be the most pertinent question.

What should the price of any given cryptocurrency be at any given point in time?


blockchain uses too much energy

BlockChains Use Too Much Energy

I was speaking to the lovely Teresa Gail a few weeks ago as the television spewed commercials about “The Cloud” at us.

We’d had previous discussions about cloud computing and she has seen my code running on AWS.  She was still curious about why there were so many commercials about it – and the best answer I had at the moment was that it was the new hotness as well as profitable.

I then said: “But watch out.  Pretty soon you’ll start seeing commercials for the BlockChain instead.”