the gimp

How I Learned to Stop Using Creative Cloud and Love the GIMP

I’ve used Adobe products, on a daily basis, since well before Creative Cloud was even a thing.

Being creative in thought and deed is my raison d etre.

This often manifested itself digitally via PhotoShop, Premiere, After Effects, Audition (which I had used as Cool Edit Pro even before Adobe bought it), et. all.

Over the last few years my life has gone through some fairly drastic changes. More and more of my computer time has been devoted to Python and Security making a Creative Cloud subscription less and less justifiable.

So with much weeping and gnashing of teeth I cancelled that re-occurring payment. I must admit it hurt. Photoshop is as much a part of me as my guitar, hammer, etc.


web development certification

Web Development

Web Dev, since 1994

While I have been developing websites professionally since 1994, co-founded a company that became the largest web-dev shop in the state, and created multiple official web sites for a Governor of a neighboring state; today I got certified in Web Development.

I have worked with literally hundreds of clients over the past 20 years to design and/or develop dozens and dozens of websites.  Not only am I good at it, it’s one of my favorite things to do.   I legitimately enjoy helping people get their ideas translated into standards based, semantically correct, secure, validated websites.


Facebook Colored Status Backgrounds

Yo, Facebook, I’m really happy for you.

I like your colored status backgrounds, but I’ve got some of the best colored status backgrounds of all time!

From what we read, Facebook decided to “help people make their text posts more visual”, while boosting “original sharing of unique personal content”  as opposed to re-posting meme’s, ads, etc. which we are 100% for…


Client Branding Design

As a designer there is really nothing better than when a client says – you’re the professional, you come up with whatever you think is the best way to present our brand visually…

That does not happen often, but when it does it usually results in better results 🙂 Here are a few example of what I came up with the client let me come up with my own ideas for their business branding.


Photo Fun – Photoshop is my favorite video game…

For years, every time some one asked me what my favorite video game was I would say Photoshop. While I guess that is somewhat disingenuous since it is not technically a game it is my favorite digital activity. If I had to pick a game I would say 2k, but I digress….

One of my favorite thing about Photoshop is that pictures don’t just have to be photos anymore… These are some examples of how I like to take photos and make them into something entirely new.


Kid Rock Senate Design

You can laugh, but mark it – if Kid Rock decides to run for the United States Senate he has a legit chance of getting the party nomination.

And why not, by all accounts he turns up at local events, has regular people over by the hundreds for cook outs and such, has stayed connected to his roots. Seems pretty cool for a celebrity to me.