February 2019 Power Rankings

NBA Power Rankings February 2019

I have recently been inspired to write code of interest to the legal sports book industry again.  Disclaimer – I have nothing to do with placing bets, taking bets, money exchanges for bets, or anything else to do with actual betting.

What I am almost obsessed with is sports betting odds, probabilities, rankings, etc.  Of course when this kind of data is turned into information it can be of great value to the sports betting industry…


People in the news

Most News Worthy People this Week

One of my many personal Python projects involves sending my bots out to scour the web’s most popular news sites.  I am looking to gather, track, and log all kinds of data and turn that data into information…

I’ve discovered that tracking who is in the news – and how often they are mentioned in various stories and posts – gives one a good taste of who are the most news-worthy people at any given time.


list comprehension in python

Old Dog’s New Tricks – List Comprehension in Python

If you were trying to come up with a list of iconic programming idioms, “For Loops” would probably make the cut.   For someone like me that learned about loops via COBOL’s crazy “Perform” loop syntax – changing paradigms (yet again) can sometimes prove difficult.

I was attracted to Python initially because it is different.  So I have done my best to leave my preconceived notions about writing code behind as I embraced the challenge of becoming an effective Python coder.

List Comprehension proved to be a concept that I had to invest more time into studying than other Pythonic approaches.


python pep8

This Weeks Obsession: PEP 8

One of the reasons that I was initially attracted to Python is that it is beautiful.

If you’ve never stared at lines of cryptic Perl and scratched your head trying figure out what is even going on, you might not understand this.

If you have never gronked through hundreds of lines of html that works but was written by someone that has never heard of semantics or a validator; I’ll forgive you for thinking my opening sentence is hyperbolic.

For those of you that understand that code is poetry, read on…