Pandas DataFrame

Putting Python Pandas DataFrames Together

If you have worked with Pandas for any length of time you have probably come across the need to stick a dataframe together with another dataframe.  It turns out it’s not as simple as you might think.

I’m going to show you a couple of ways to accomplish putting one or more dataframes together in Pandas depending on the situation and desired results.


The NBA PPR MoneyBall Edition

The NBA PPR – Money Ball Edition

The other day I re-wrote my NBA player ranking algorithm so that it was more commiserate with my current Python skills.  While my coding is significantly better, the basic idea was the same: take the available advanced analytics and determine who really are the most effective players in the NBA.

While I am more confident that this years version better identifies the best on court performances,  I realize it only tells part of the story.

With all apologies to my 15 year old self, basketball is a business.

To that end, I decided to see if I could identify the players that were the best values.  That is – what teams are paying vs. the return they are getting on the court.


python pep8

This Weeks Obsession: PEP 8

One of the reasons that I was initially attracted to Python is that it is beautiful.

If you’ve never stared at lines of cryptic Perl and scratched your head trying figure out what is even going on, you might not understand this.

If you have never gronked through hundreds of lines of html that works but was written by someone that has never heard of semantics or a validator; I’ll forgive you for thinking my opening sentence is hyperbolic.

For those of you that understand that code is poetry, read on…


2018 House Mid-Term Predictions

2018 House Midtem Election Predictions

The Democrats will take back the house on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

There is no blue wave however and it will be closer than many pundits are predicting.  I have predicted all 435 house races, with the help of Python, Pandas,  SciKit-learn, etc.

There are a handful of races that will tell the tale, but my model is predicting that it is going to be a difficult two years coming up for Donald J Trump.


The History of NFL Scores

The History of NFL Scores

There have been 16,116 NFL games played all time as of this writing.  As best I can tell anyway…

There seems to be some disagreement about the exact total.  There are also some games that were played from which there is no recorded info.

That being said there is still allot of data available – we are talking about games that go back to the Rochester Jeffersons after all.


And…. We’re Back!

Hey Now – I am happy to be writing you from the new home of this website – you may have noticed some changes…

Without boring you with the details has been moved from the hosting provider that shall not be named over to where the other sites are hosted…  Hopefully I will get it hooked up to CloudFlare and the remaining issues cleaned up today.