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Create a static website from a Google Storage Bucket

Back in the day all the websites I created were static websites.  I’m talking about like 1995-ish.  Back then I was super  excited when I figured out how to get an html form to use Perl and the cgi-bin to send an email…

These days even with PHP, Django, Rails, etc. there are times when a static site might be enough to get the job done.  Especially if you are a JavaScript ninja.


And…. We’re Back!

Hey Now – I am happy to be writing you from the new home of this website – you may have noticed some changes…

Without boring you with the details tripkendall.com has been moved from the hosting provider that shall not be named over to where the other sites are hosted…  Hopefully I will get it hooked up to CloudFlare and the remaining issues cleaned up today.