these college football rankings are more accurate than yours

Trip Kendall’s College Football Rankings, Inaugural Edition

First and foremost – I have to come up with a name for the big data football stuff I’ve been doing – so if you have a catchy name for some computer generated football bot ai type stuff, send me your suggestions and if they are better than the lame stuff that I have come up with so far,  I might use it.

If I get rich you’ll get your naming rights compensated.

If you are reading this then you are most likely aware that I have been working on merging my emerging love for big data with my love hate relationship with football…  If you are an English major you are excused as the last sentence surely has you distracted, I digress…


Quite punting on Fourth and Short

Why the F*ck are you Punting on Fourth and Two!

Football has always been the ultimate man’s man, chain of command, defeat your enemy, and follow the leader kinda sport.   Violent imagery – shotguns, throwing bombs, and scrimmages  abound and hearken to our most warlike tendencies.

I myself, as a lil’ pup, suffered my fair share of brain trauma as the power’s that be(‘d) in my life tried to steer my indomitable waywardness into healthy outlets.

I have often wondered if I could’a been a physicist if not for the repeated concussions I suffered as my character and discipline were being molded.   But I digress….


Bad Ass Water

Lets say that I have access to a lot of clean, potable, water and I want to sell it. On the bottle, I want to say – BadAss Water Cures dehydration!

Since I am not a doctor, and have not commissioned my own studies, that I can submit using the official forms; I am not allowed to claim a property of water that is fairly well-known.


Time makes sense, but only in small increments.

Since the other day, when the new world order lizard men made me change my clocks and cost me an hour of sweet, precious sleep; I’ve been thinking about time. It’s easy to think about the time periods of our own lives, the eras that we lived through. It gets a little weirder when one tries to think about where that era fits into the entire timeline of human history.

The first big construction project that humans attempted broke ground about 12,000 years ago in present day Turkey. These circles of stone pillars were constructed by hunter / gatherers a full seven thousand years before the pyramids in Egypt were built.


When white trash is the last remaining acceptable epitaph

2017 – When white trash is the last remaining acceptable epitaph

Relationships between different groups here in the U.S. of A are pretty bad these days.

Or so they tell me.

Evidently, black people and white folks don’t like each other that much these days, women have it so bad that they are taking it to the streets, and there are a dozen different genders that people are upset because they are not allowed to self-identify as on their government IDs.

And don’t get me started on Muslim’s….


Potus Posts

I have no dog in this fight, I am neither Red nor Blue; Left or Right. Yet, over and over the weekend I have heard repeatedly that Donald Trump, as president, is acting in an unconstitutional manner. To be clear, just because Donald Trump, or anyone in the government, does Read more…