Where they news is taking place in May 2019

Where Its At May 1st 2019

If it’s May, then it’s time for a new version of my on-going series where I track what places are being mentioned the most in the news and on social media.

The criteria for being a place in this context is that I can generate longitude and latitude for it. Even if those co-ordinates don’t always make total sense.

For example Google thinks that the EU is in Austria and while it makes more sense for it to be placed Brussels, it’s not 100% wrong.


People in the news

Most News Worthy People this Week

One of my many personal Python projects involves sending my bots out to scour the web’s most popular news sites.  I am looking to gather, track, and log all kinds of data and turn that data into information…

I’ve discovered that tracking who is in the news – and how often they are mentioned in various stories and posts – gives one a good taste of who are the most news-worthy people at any given time.


information security

Information Security Fundamentals

In my continuing effort to keep this website from exclusively becoming a “Discovering Python” blog I thought that today I would write about another digital obsession:  Information Security.

Back in the day only folks in the industry needed to be concerned about digital security.  These days everyone that shops at Amazon, or has a cell phone, logs in to the company portal, etc – meaning basically everyone – should take information security seriously.


2020 presidential election odds

2020 Presidential Election Odds

As of today there are 523 candidates who have filed to run for president. This includes 175 Democratic and 70 Republican candidates.

As of today my bots and agents have identified 27 people that have a  greater than 0.1% chance to win the presidency in 2020.  Not all of them have decided to run yet much less filed.