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Bitcoin Alternatives

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year you have probably heard of Bitcoin. What you may not know is that Bitcoin is not the only Crypto-Currency. There are Bitcoin alternatives. Some of the alternatives to Bitcoin will end up on the trash bin of history. Others may become mainstream and others may even eclipse Bitcoin!

Yesterday we told you that the blockchain is not equal to bitcoin. Today we’ll give you some other crypto Currencies to check out. However, remember, this is not financial advice and we are not endorsing any of the following entities. The list is for educational purposes only.


No, I will not fix your computer

Thanksgiving Security – Family Tech Support

If you are at all teach savoy you may get asked to perform some family tech support this holiday season. While this may seem like a drag, we suggest you embrace it. The more secure computers out there the less we all have to worry. DDoS attacks, virus spreading worms, and all kinds of nasty malware that relys on under-protected computers and mobile devices.