Trip Kendall
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December 26, 2017 Blockchain News Roundup

As I’ve mentioned previously, Blockchain is not just for Bitcoin anymore. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t see…

December 24, 2017 Encrypt Your Files with AxCrypt

If you have Windows 10 Pro file encryption is built in. If you have the home version, and want to…

December 19, 2017 WannaCry Ransomware From North Korea With Love

Today the homeland security adviser to President Donald Trump said the WannaCry Ransomware is From North Korea. The WannaCry worm…

December 15, 2017 Bitcoin Alternatives

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year you have probably heard of Bitcoin. What you…

December 13, 2017 ROBOT Exploit is back – Flawed RSA Implementation Still an Issue

Straight outta 1998 comes a new security issue. Dubbed ROBOT, this crypto vulnerability exploits RSA encryption keys. The exploit allow…

November 24, 2017 Thanksgiving Security – Family Tech Support

If you are at all teach savoy you may get asked to perform some family tech support this holiday season….

November 1, 2017 Comodo’s Free Firewall

Computer and network security does not have to be cost prohibitive. Today’s example is Comodo’s free firewall that offers a number of features that Windows built in firewall can’t match.

October 27, 2017 Is your Wi-Fi Network Vulnerable to KRACK

As news of researcher Mathy Vanhoef released information on KRACK (for Key Reinstallation Attack) is blown out of proportion by all of the major news sources our inbox has been full of worried clients and friends.