Trip Kendall
Web App Developer

Move Your WordPress Site to the Google Cloud

One of the smartest things I’ve done lately is to move this site from an old school, shared hosting, web-host to the Google Cloud.

The difference in speed is amazing.  It’s not like, yeah, it’s a little faster;  it’s more like “whoa!  it doesn’t even load any more – it is just there!”

There is no comparison – I should have done this long ago.  If you have a website on hostgator, bluehost, etc. you should do this now.

There are some gotcha’s however.  I just finished a course on Google Cloud so I am up to speed and I know a fair amount about DNS, networking, etc. but I still made a few miss-steps initially.

I have the process for moving a WordPress based site to the GCP down cold now.  I use and highly recommend CloudFlare for managing DNS, cashing, https, etc.

If you are interested in hiring me to move your site to the twenty-first century; or for consulting so that you can move your own sites, mssg me: 850.270.3180 or email me here.