when AI talks to itself

When AI Talks to Itself it Sounds Like This

These days if you have the right tools and an idea it’s pretty easy to create a proof of concept project.  Of course by the right tools I mean Python – but after waffling about which cloud service to use it also means AWS for this project.

I’ve been taking the Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp over at Udemy.    I recommend it highly if you are interested in that type of thing.   Doing the lessons and exercises got me thinking, of course, about how I might use what I was learning to create something only I was interested in…

What I came up with was the idea of taking a bunch of random text and writing some code that turned it into a totally different conversation.   Creating something new and unique from something that already existed.  So that’s what I did.   to what degree it was successful is subjective.


AI Artificial Intelligence – It’s an AI World

I am sure that over the last year you have heard the term AI Artificial Intelligence but do you know what it means?

AI Artificial Intelligence

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the field of study of intelligence displayed by machines. This is in contrast with the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.  Some folks think that AI will be the end of the world.  Others think that it’ll be the best thing since sliced bread.  The truth is probably somewhere in between, but there is no doubt it will change the world.