2018 Brand Heat Check

Once I learned Python and Pandas I tried to come up with unique and creative ways to use them.  The Baller Index is a good example of what I am talking about.  Throwing new tools in the mix opened up more possibilities, and one of the best things about Python is that there are allot of tools for it.  For this project I learned Beautiful Soup and Selenium. This allowed me send my bots out, across the interwebs, to get the data I was looking for myself before feeding it to Pandas.

I collected data from Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia, Kaggle, Google News, Tumblr, TechCrunch, Engadget, Forbes, Google Trends, and the independent.co.uk.  I parsed this data to get it into a consistent format conducive for manipulating with Pandas data frames.  I finally got it into a state where I could create a snapshot of the hottest brands on the internet based on brand saturation ( size ) and trendiness ( heat ).