Posted on April 4, 2019Edit "People in the News April 2019" People in the News April 2019 people in the news april 2019 I’ve run my People in the News bots and scripts every week since the first of the year. Each and every week Donald Trump has been number one, and it has never been close. I’ve never had a repeat person in the second spot until this week when Jussie Smollett reprised his victim role… Continue reading “People in the News April 2019” Posted on April 3, 2019Edit "Where it’s at April 2019" Where it’s at April 2019 Where its at - the news that is... One of the things that my bots are tracking, in my data collection / data analysis efforts, are the places where news is happening. I am tracking mainstream and alternative news sources as well as keeping a good mix of left and right news sources. I’m calling the results: Where It’s At. Continue reading “Where it’s at April 2019” Posted on March 25, 2019Edit "Democratic Party 2020 Nominee Democratic Party 2020 Nominee Prediction in April 2019

Democratic Party 2020 Nominee Prediction in April 2019

As I’ve done every Monday this year,  this morning I ran my scripts that gather data about the potential Democratic presidential nominees.

I’ve crunched those numbers, and run them through a bit of machine learning magic, and generated predictions.  The predictions are the percentage chance that each significant candidate gets the Democratic Party 2020 Presidential Nomination.