the best basketball players in the NBA

The Best 25 ( or so ) Players in the NBA 2018 and the 2018 NBA MVP

There is little doubt that advanced metrics have helped the Houston Rockets become the best team in the NBA so far in 2018.  In terms of how the team plays and was built, modern analytics have significantly contributed to their success.    In the spirit of celebrating NBA analytics I thought that I would compile as much advanced player evaluation data as I could to answer the un-answerable: Who is the best player in the NBA this year?

Most Valuable” is such a loaded term these days.  Everybody has their own idea about what makes an MVP.  Some people think it’s the best player on the best team.  Other people focus on old-timey, box score statistics like who’s scored the most points or gotten the most rebounds.  I’ve heard people focus on the word valuable as in this good team would not be good without player x because he adds the most value…