Popularity of Sports Leagues

Sports Leagues Popularity

As my bots continue to bring me data from all across the interwebs I am constantly thinking about interesting questions to ask it.

As I have been focused on numbers generated by various sports leagues I began to wonder about the popularity of these various leagues themselves…


The History of NFL Scores

The History of NFL Scores

There have been 16,116 NFL games played all time as of this writing.  As best I can tell anyway…

There seems to be some disagreement about the exact total.  There are also some games that were played from which there is no recorded info.

That being said there is still allot of data available – we are talking about games that go back to the Rochester Jeffersons after all.


Quite punting on Fourth and Short

Why the F*ck are you Punting on Fourth and Two!

Football has always been the ultimate man’s man, chain of command, defeat your enemy, and follow the leader kinda sport.   Violent imagery – shotguns, throwing bombs, and scrimmages  abound and hearken to our most warlike tendencies.

I myself, as a lil’ pup, suffered my fair share of brain trauma as the power’s that be(‘d) in my life tried to steer my indomitable waywardness into healthy outlets.

I have often wondered if I could’a been a physicist if not for the repeated concussions I suffered as my character and discipline were being molded.   But I digress….